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Titanic is a 1997 romance disaster film directed, written co produced and co edited by James Cameron starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Titanic tells the story of of the Titanic ill fated maiden voyage from the perspective of fictional characters Jack Dawson and Rose DeWitt Bukater and shows the two passengers from different social classes meeting and falling in love on the Titanic before it sinks after colliding with an iceberg.

After the iceberg collision[]

In the crew quarters important figures gather including Captain Edward John Smith, Joseph Bruce Ismay and Thomas Andrews here Andrews reveals that Titanic has taken too much water and that within an hour maybe two she will sink crew members begin to gather passengers to be put into lifeboats the atmosphere on the ship is calm as many passengers are unaware of the danger that they are in.

After rescue[]

Back in 1996 Old Rose reveals that only 6 of the 1500 were rescued from the water Back in 1912 Rose sees the RMS Carpathia Aboard the rescuing vessel Rose spots Cal looking for her but she hides herself under a hood Carpathia arrives in New York and passes the Statue of Liberty when asked for her name Rose gives Rose Dawson.

Televised Edits[]

  • Freeform airs Titanic which is edited for television Some scenes like these ones are edited When Jack draws Rose in the nude he draws in a pad to cover some of her breasts When they are nude in the car while having sex with each other Jack would then kiss Rose which cuts to commercials.

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